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Photo courtesy of ACE Arial PhotographyHeavens Gateways Aerial Ash Scattering

A celebration of life. Memories. Emotion.
What better way to celebrate the legacy of your loved one's life than to arrange a unique memorial?

An Aerial Ash Scattering by aircraft is a loving and beautiful gesture.

What is an Aerial Ash Scattering? A Scattering is taking cremated remains and dispersing them by air.

Each flight is unique as each life is unique. It is our goal and our purpose to work with you to make this final flight a lasting tribute, working with a basic gateway and designing from there, based upon your wishes. We consult with you and construct the perfect memorial for your loved one's last journey.

Heavens Gateways is dedicated to personal service, one-on-one care and providing a peaceful and unique experience for you and your family and relatives. We are proud to provide caring and intimate service for our clients and their loved ones.

Aerial Ash Scatterings are performed when weather is permitting. Scheduling is flexible.

We care. Each Scattering is an individualized flight just for you...we do not combine trips like so many other services. We maintain integrity and professionalism for you and your loved one.

Image courtesy of Norm RoseCremated remains can be mailed but we feel that this is impersonal and our prices include a journey to hand carry your loved one personally (within Southern California). Further distances can be arranged by calling or emailing for rates. For an extra fee we can arrange airplane pickup via one of our aircraft and meet you at your local airport. Written permission to pick up cremated remains is required by California state law (see our Forms Page for details). Our prices also include a framable Scattering Certificate.

We are proud to have an ordained minister on staff. He can accompany your loved one on their flight at no additional cost to you. He can also ground witness the Scattering, coordinating with the aircraft as the ashes are dispersed. We believe in a caring and precious memorial and you and your loved ones are treated with the utmost dignity, compassion and professionalism.

Heavens Gateways LLC is fully licensed by the State of California.

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Email: heavensgateways@gmail.com
Phone: 951-760-1548
Address: Heavens Gateways LLC, PO Box 391235, Anza, CA 92539

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